Obscure Alternatives.....

The exhibition is now in full swing until 23rd December 2016.   It took 4 solid hours to get the work up and with a trapped nerve in my shoulder that was not a lot of fun. However, even if I say so myself, the artwork looks great in such a wonderful huge space.  It is such a luxury to have such a large venue in the middle of London.   

Amongst the 38 pieces on show there are 7 artworks created in collaboration with the children/families who use the charity Little Miracles.  These artworks are not for sale but are looking for clinical environments to adopt them where they can be enjoyed for years to come.  Sponsorship opportunities for local/national companies will be organised via an on line auction once the artworks have found their new homes. 

Looking forward to receiving feedback on the show and finding some new homes for the Little Miracles pieces. 

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