Obscure Alternatives Private View

Jacki Cairns





·      1967 Born in Liverpool (grew up in London)

·      1993-94 Chelsea College of Art and Design – Art Foundation studies

·      1994-1997 Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury – Graphic Fine Art 

·      2002-2003 University of Hertfordshire, PGCE (Secondary Art)


    •               October 2012 - January 2018, Regular exhibitor at  Art in the Heart, 13                 Westgate                 Arcade, Peterborough, PE1 1PY.
    •          July 2013, Mixed Media, Sapphire Stigma Summit Conference, Kings College Hospital, London.
    •       October 2014, Mixed Media, ADDISS Conference, Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool.
    •       October 2014 –Dragon’s Den (Spalding) with my ‘Little Treasures’ idea (producing bespoke collages of children's artwork) – ‘WINNER’
    •       May 2015/PresentMixed Media, Ongoing residency at Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton.
    •       Sept 2015 Mixed Media, Post-Gender Exhibition, The Rum Factory, London E1
    •     2016 Little Miracles Charity Calendar.  - Development grant awarded (in 2015) by Peterborough Presents (via Arts Council). 
    •  22/23 April 2016 - UKAAN (UK Adult ADHD Network) Conference, IET, Savoy Place, London. 
    • 21/23 September 2017, UKAAN 2017 Conference, Mermaid Conference and Events Centre, London, EC4.
    • 9/11 November 2017, ADHD Foundation Conference, Titanic Hotel, Liverpool.  


    •  June/July 2015,  PAOS Open Studio Exhibition, Culley Court, Orton Southgate Studio, Peterborough.    
    •  Sept 2015 - April 2016 Residency at Buckles Solicitors, Stamford, Lincs. 
    •  30th August – 30th September 2016 - Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton ‘Retro-Spective’  - A Month long celebration of my retro obsession…
    •  1st October 2016/7th January 2017 - 'Obscure Alternatives' - A three month solo exhibition held at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London.  The exhibition included work produced in collaboration with the families who benefit from the charity Little Miracles used for their 2016 calendar.
    •  April - July 2017  'Heartwork' - A community based project - Westraven Community Cafe, Hampton Court, Westwood, Peterborough.

Future exhibitions/projects... 

  • 5th-16th March 2018, Green Matters 50+ Pieces of Art, Frogmore Paper Mill Visitors Centre, Fourdrinier Way, Apsley, Hertfordshire, HP3 9RY
  • My Sh!T CV -  My biggest project to date.  Still in its embryonic stage, I will be creating and curating an exhibition to raise ADHD awareness from a female perspective.  Initial exhibition will be in 2018……

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