Little Miracles Calendar 2016

The Little Miracles 2016 Calendar was produced in collaboration with the families who use the Peterborough charity in 2015.  The project which was kickstarted by a development grant from Peterborough Presents (via the Arts Council), was a resounding success and I hope the artwork from the calendar continues to inspire and put smiles on faces.    The artwork not only celebrates the pure creativity children are born with but also exemplifies the creative ways I have weaved my own work into the pieces, including artwork I did when I was a child to muddy the waters further.    

Most of the childrens' artwork was given to me by Mum's at the centre and others were created in workshops held by myself.  Some of the artwork were simply found at the Little Miracles Centre having being left uncollected and forgotten.  It was a great pleasure for me to pluck some of the pieces out of recycling piles and give them a new lease of life.

The collages were an interesting way of sending my work off on yet another artistic tangent.    Having collaged together all manner of materials previously, I had never worked with other people's artwork (apart from my own childrens'), so this conceptually and visually gave a new angle to my work. Issues of copyright have always been at the forefront and as a result the images have not been sold and remain the property of Little Miracles.

In June/July 2015, the artwork was first exhibited at my Open Studios exhibition in Peterborough.  They have since travelled to London and been displayed at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London at the tail end of 2016.  They are have been on display at Westraven Community Centre, Peterborough since April 2017 and will be looking for a new permanent home eminently. 

Little Miracles are now actively looking for a local public venue to house these works so that more people can benefit from their 'feel good factor'.  Hopefully these pieces will be sponsored by local companies to continue to raise funds for the charity.  Please contact Sean Robson at Little Miracles on 01733 262226 if you think you can help find these pieces a permanent home.  

Many thanks.

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